About Us

Urbanist is the sponsor and brand behind the creation of boutique designer-smart-wellness enabled small balance multifamily projects. Urbanist inherently understands that in an era characterized by both complexity and opportunity, a visionary development company carves out its own unique niche; engaging its customers, predicting and meeting their needs, touching and enhancing people’s lives by creating better buildings and communities. Urbanist is founded by an esteemed stakeholder group, individuals who have developed iconic residential and commercial projects for over 30 years, within the U.S. and internationally.

Urbanist creates urban communities with an extensive array of upscale and wellness features.  Paying particular attention to maintaining a commitment to the nature of each project, our vision is to create timeless buildings with glamour and sophistication, combined with comfortable and luxurious living. The upscale design and biophilic aspects of our projects such as greenwall boxwoods, vertical gardens and pocket park inclusions are befitting of the wellness philosophy and a place where people want to call home.

Urbanist carefully selects rapidly appreciating urban core submarkets and incorporates progressive ‘future-proof’ product features. Health and wellness, especially nowadays, is an exceptionally important aspect which must be incorporated into every home’s design, but unfortunately it is rarely considered by the real estate industry. Urbanist have partnered with the leading wellness real estate company in the world, Delos, who together with the Mayo Clinic created the internationally recognized WELL living standard. Urbanist now offers the first Delos small-balance multifamily healthy homes in Texas, which incorporate Covid-19 resistant technology into each apartment.

With projects located in urban, high-growth locations, we are constantly looking to the future for the ideas and opportunities that will underpin truly spirited outcomes. We partner with the finest caliber of architects, designers, builders and development consultants, to set new benchmarks for quality and design for infill, boutique multifamily communities. There is a true commitment to innovation, technology and attention to detail across all aspects, from design to construction, and most importantly safeguarding our partner’s investments.

Urbanist maintains a considered, measured approach to every project, underpinned by strict acquisition criteria. There is no compromise on the quality of each location or access to amenity. These are places people aspire to live in, attracting a vibrant and diverse demographic of residents, and offering an attractive commercial return on investment for our investors and ultimate buyers. Notably, Urbanist’s portfolio of assets boast multiple unique features and benefits, and at its core, value investing principles, creating a memorable experience and a positive lasting impression for all our residents, investors and partners. Urbanist prides itself on engaging in ethical business practice and strategies, and a relentless pursuit to build long lasting relationships for the benefit of all project participants.

Urbanist’s highly experienced development team provides local and national insight to create and manage multifamily communities that continually redefine the parameters for investment, innovation and quality.